Sutton is working for you:

The strength and recognition of the Sutton brand offers you:

1. A commitment to a high level of service is required from every Sutton REALTOR®.
2. The strength of the Sutton brand attracts Buyers.
3. Sutton is an industry leader in technology, providing your Agent with efficient internet delivery systems:
4. A source of potential Buyers is available through the Sutton Referral Directory. Comprehensive listing of all Sutton REALTOR®
5. Excellent advertising exposure.

About Sutton Realty

Sutton is a national Real Estate company with over 200 offices across the country.
we are 100% Canadian owned
we have been in business since 1983
today, we have grown to more than 8,900 REALTORS®

Sutton through the Years...

1983 - The first Sutton office opens - Sutton Group - West Coast Realty in North Vancouver, BC.

1984 - Sutton introduces voice mail for all REALTORS®. The second Sutton office opens in Coquitlam, BC.

1986 - The fourth Sutton office opens in Surrey, BC. Sutton introduces the pager for REALTORS®.

1988 - Fax machines are in Sutton offices. Sutton converts itself to a franchise network with approximately 1,000 REALTORS®.

1989 - Sutton wins independent contractor status for all of its REALTORS® from Revenue Canada, the first real estate company to do so.

1990 - Sutton expands into the Prairies.

1992 - Sutton stretches across to Atlantic Canada, making it a coast to coast organization.

1993 - Sutton experiences significant growth - 5,852 REALTORS®, an increase of 1,300 REALTORS® - a 28.5% growth in a one year period.

1994 - Sutton expands into Quebec.

1995 - Sutton is the first real estate company to have a website - They are also the first to provide each REALTOR® with a free email address and webpage.

1998 - Sutton partners with a major financial institution creating Sutton branded mortgages.

1999 - Sutton introduces the Sutton Spirit program - publicizing REALTORS® community efforts across Canada.

2002 - The Sutton branded mortgages shine, as funding exceeds $550 million.

2003 - Sutton celebrates its 20th year in business and holds its first Brokers Conference in Vancouver, BC.

2005 - Sutton reaches 8000 REALTORS® across Canada. Sutton holds its second Brokers Conference in Toronto, Ontario.

2007 - Sutton launches a new version of Sutton holds its third Brokers Conference in Calgary, Alberta.

2008 - Sutton celebrates its 25th year in business serving the real estate market.



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